PowerWorld Simulator GSO Education Edition

PowerWorld Simulator GSO Education Edition 15.0

PowerWorld Simulator GSO Education Edition can simulate power systems
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PowerWorld Simulator GSO Education Edition is a program that can simulate power systems.
By using it, the users will be able to simulate the management of interactive high voltage power systems on any time frame. You can construct the system in which you want to run the simulation (named bus), or use any of the included buses. The program can analize up to 100000 buses.

The program will allow the users to add as many networks as needed, complete with power lines, generators, switched shunts and transformers. It is also possible to divide the systems in order to specify who will control them. You can write the description of the systems, in order to write down any detail that you think it is important. The "Draw" tool will enable the users to add components, lines, transformers or other things to the system´s diagrams. The program will also let you monitor the simulated behavior of the elements that you have decided to watch, and perform a contingency analysis on them. It also includes tools to calculate the total cost of each system.

The demostration version will let you test the program capabilities for free in up to 12 buses.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It lets the users simulate every aspect of a high voltage power station


  • It is highly priced
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